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Aditu Field School Days off (Yipee!)- 18-21 Aug 2017

Alas, the weekend. It had been many days of working straight and unrelenting weather, in all extremes.  But now we had three days off and big plans to travel around the Basque region. Our first stop was in San Sebastian/ Donostia (the Basque name). After a big sleep in to 8:30 am we grabbed a coffee and waited on our taxis to pick us up. Thankfully it only took an hour to get down to the mountain because we all were feeling a bit of cabin fever. If you are ever in the Basque region I highly recommend stopping by Donostia, it is a beautiful little sea side town with a large city feel to the right and the more tourist-y old city stops straight ahead.
Thankfully our large groups of 12 split into many little groups so we could all accomplish our ideal day off.
After flitting through all of the shops in the old city, Ashley and I took a quick stroll along the ocean side. There were little motorboats carting around children who were there for sailing camps as well as rows of sailboa…

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